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Small Business Owners: 4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Blogging!

May 20, 2021 | Blogging for SEO

Blogging should be an essential part of the online marketing mix for any business. Regular blogging is essential for SEO and will bring more people to your business via search. Sharing your expertise will help your site move up the search rankings whilst providing a steady stream of content to post on social media.

Blogging can also help to create a community around your business. It’s a fab way to connect with potential customers and influencers, as well as cheerleaders and brand advocates. All of which will help you to boost your business growth and reach your sales & marketing goals.

We all know we should be blogging but it can be hard to get into a regular routine with it. Let’s face it, it’s a big commitment to sit down and write regularly – let alone all the other things you need to do (e.g picture research and SEO)  to get your blog out into the world.

We know why we should be writing blogs but many small business owners still aren’t blogging for their business regularly. What is stopping business owners from taking advantage of this fabulous marketing tool?

What’s Holding Your Small Business Back with Blogging?

1. Lack of time

This one sounds familiar to most of us, I’m sure. We all have different time barriers and will tend to prioritise jobs that we enjoy or are urgent. And unless we are strict about setting aside time in our diaries to get the job done or decide to outsource the work, they just don’t happen.

Client work always takes priority in my schedule (including writing and editing their blogs – oh, the irony!). Then there are family responsibilities, doing your accounts, business planning, checking social media, running a home and just that general feeling of there not being enough hours in the day.

You can see how blogging gets put on the back burner – doing it justice takes commitment and focus. Which can be hard to provide when a million plates are spinning and time is short.

2.  Lack of Knowledge

When you start your own business you need to oversee and manage everything – including jobs & tasks that you have no prior experience of doing. Running a business can be like undertaking a personal development course as you need to learn so many new things! Even if you have a team and marketing staff on hand to knock up great copy, they may not be knowledgeable in writing for SEO.

Even if you enjoy writing and fancy the idea of blogging and have the resources to make it happen, there is so much more to it than just writing. How do you make your blog SEO-friendly so those ideal customers can actually find it?  Where will you find images, how do you create a title people will want to click on, how should it be structured for Google, etc, etc.?

You’ve got so much to learn and no time to do it. So, you just leave tackling blogging for a bit longer while you concentrate on other areas of your business.

3. Lack of Money

Writing blogs is free – it’s a great marketing tool for bootstrappers and anyone on a low budget. So, how can lack of money cause a problem?

Writing blogs may be free but it does take time.  And it may take you away from the essential jobs you need to do to keep your business ticking over – such as making new sales, creating new products and meeting contacts. So, taking the time to blog could actually lose you revenue in the short term as it takes you away from running your core business.

If you’re not feeling very confident in your blog-writing skills you may decide that you should outsource the job to a professional. But many small businesses are still growing and don’t have big budgets so you’re reluctant to commit a budget to blogging activities.

And do you really want to spend money on something you could do for free? You’ll get round to it one day – won’t you?

4. Lack of Direction

If blogging is relatively new to you, it can be hard to get momentum going. You can think of subjects for a few blogs but then your mind goes blank. You’ve got a vague grasp of what you should be doing but you’re not confident that you’ve got it right.

This strongly relates to the first 2 points. When you have a lack of time and/or knowledge it can be hard to get clarity and focus. So you amble along, posting blogs occasionally and hoping for the best. You keep meaning to create a blogging strategy but it never happens. You don’t know if what you have done already is working and not sure how to find out. Sound familiar?

Do you identify with these results? If so, you’re not alone! Many small business owners find regular blogging a challenge.  What’s your personal challenge? Please tell me in the comments below…

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