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Stop Hiding Your Website Down a Backstreet!

Dec 14, 2022 | Building Website Traffic

Creating a new website for your small business is a big deal. You’ve dedicated lots of time, and money (as well as blood, sweat and tears) to build a website that will advertise your business and bring the customers flocking to you. But nothing’s doing – the website is live but there’s tumbleweed from Google. You’ve scrolled through the first few pages of search engine results pages (SERPs) but can’t see your business website listed. You have no idea why your website isn’t getting any search traffic and what you need to do to start getting your business website found on Google.

It’s more than likely that you’ve hidden your website down a backstreet and made it hard to find. The only people that find you are customers that you’ve already given the website address too. This is because your business isn’t employing the digital marketing tactics needed to help people find your website via search.

A Website Without SEO Is Like A Shop Without a Sign!

Think of your small business website as your ‘virtual’ shop window to the world. Compare it to the bricks-and-mortar equivalent and we can safely say that you wouldn’t create a beautiful shop (or office space) that’s tucked away off the main road and then make it even more difficult to find by not using clear signage or door numbers. Some customers will find your business but only if you give them the address and send directions on where to find you.

But you can’t just rely on existing customers only. You want them to pop in but you also need new customers to find you. But because you’re on a backstreet, there’s no passing footfall. Few people wander by so potential new customers won’t find your business by happy accident.

In this little analogy, exactly the same principle applies to a small business website.  As your ‘virtual shop window,’ your website needs to get found online to drive traffic and make sales. It may have a website address but how many people actually know what it is? Some people may find your website via other marketing channels like social media, trade shows or advertising but they aren’t finding it via Google.  And seeing as Google accounts for 92.4% of the UK search market, you’re missing a huge, potential footfall of online customers.

So the question is, how exactly can you get your business website found by Google

Online shop on mobile phoneThe answer is by implementing a search engine optimization strategy (otherwise known as SEO). Implementing an SEO strategy is just what’s needed to turn that website into a busy online shop window. Make a start and within a year (or less), your website will no longer be a languishing, unfound shop down a backstreet. It could be transformed into a busy, thriving business with plenty of footfall, sales and inquiries.

As over 90% of content on the web never gets any traffic at all it’s something you need to get to grips with if you’re serious about getting your business found online. Don’t let your website be in that 90% 🙁

Without SEO, Your Website Isn’t Operating At Its Full Potential

If your website is nowhere near page 1, it’s probably because it hasn’t been fully optimized. ‘Being optimized’ basically means that even if your website looks fab on the outside, it isn’t ticking Google’s boxes on what it wants to see behind the scenes in order to return your business higher up the SERPs.  And if your competitors are doing a better job of SEO than you are,  they will be snapping up the traffic that could be yours too.

Start getting to grips with what SEO is all about and how to implement it in your small business. Read the following blog posts and you’ll learn that it’s not particularly complicated or technical. Like building a social media following, improving your search rankings is all about sure and steady work that builds results consistently over time. Get reading and start getting SEO-savvy so you can start building this digital marketing strategy for your business.


Want Help With Getting Found on Google?

SEO Consultant - Samantha McCullochIf you’ve had a read of the articles and would to crack on with getting started with SEO I can help to get your business going. As a freelance SEO consultant, I work with small businesses just like yours to get them on the search map and start building organic website traffic.

Offering a range of affordable and flexible SEO services to suit your business needs and budgets. I’m all about being 100% transparent and providing clear information on strategy and tasks completed, delivered with no technical jargon. You’ll also have full access to all data, files, and details on the progress of projects so that you always have the information under your ownership. Read client testimonials


If you’d like to get started, why not request your free Snapshot SEO Audit to get an overview of the health of your website? Everyone that requests a snapshot audit can claim a discounted Power Hour slot. Normally £99 but it’s yours for just £59 if book your slot within 7 days*.

(*We don’t have to have the call within 7 days, just get it confirmed and in the diary).Free SEO Audit - What's Your SEO Score

Spend 1 hour with my undivided attention and I’ll demystify search engine optimization and get you clued up about your own website! We’ll look at any specific issues and priority areas to improve. Once the call is over, you’ll have an SEO strategy that you can start to implement in your business.

You can decide to keep working with me, take it in-house, or do some DIY. The choice is yours. The key thing is to start learning what you SHOULD be doing and get on with doing it and star getting that lovely organic traffic.

To get started, complete the sign-up form below.




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