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Is your small business website SEO-friendly? Be honest now as most business owners aren’t totally sure.

If you haven’t covered the SEO basics, customers will struggle to find you – even if they know your business name. And you’ll have little chance of ranking in search results (let alone on Page 1) when potential customers are searching for products or services like yours. Think of the lost business going to your competitors!

Let’s be honest – what is the point of investing in a business website if nobody can find it?! Even if SEO and gaining organic traffic isn’t a priority in your digital marketing plan, you should STILL cover the SEO basics so that the Google Gods are clear on what your website is all about.

If you haven’t researched targeted keywords and implemented them in the right places, or kept an eye on the general health of your website, then it’s very unlikely to be sending many visitors your way. Let alone visits that convert to sales and leads. But it’s easy to fix – you just need to get the SEO basics sorted on your key website pages so that your business website can get off to a flying start.

Read on for more about the SEO Starter Pack for Small Business and request your Free Snapshot Audit to get started. 

What’s Included in the SEO Starter Package?

Get the SEO basics sorted and covered with this comprehensive SEO package for small businesses. It includes all you need to make a start with SEO and lay the foundations of an SEO-friendly business website. 

  • Get clear on the best keywords to attract visitors to three key pages: home, about, and main product/service landing page.
  • Get detailed recommendations of how to incorporate keywords into page content and what content changes are needed to fully optimize these pages.
  • Set-up of key Google tools to make sure that Google knows all about your business website, and also help you to keep track of SEO results.
  • Also includes a Free Snapshot SEO Audit to help you gain clarity on the SEO health of your website and what’s needed to incorporate SEO into your digital marketing strategy.


  • Web Crawl Error Report & a personalised SEO Checklist:  The web crawl report is a list detailing any errors on your website that are negatively impacting your SEO success.  Coupled with the checklist of recommended tasks, you’ll get clear on all the key actions required to manage SEO going forward.
  • DIY Resources: Access to a Trello board with free resources and information to help your business manage strategy going forward.  

Italian Bear Chocolate - Triple Chocolate Image“Exactly what we needed to set everything right from the beginning.

Samantha is kind and professional. The way she handles the process is completely transparent giving us not only visibility on progress every step of the way but also the information required for us to become “owners” of the SEO work once the Starter Pack has been completed.

Highly recommended!

Italian Bear Chocolate



Italian Bear Chocolate

Find out ranking keywords


Do you know which keywords your small business website ranks for and at what position? We’ll tell you! Knowing what people are searching for is priceless marketing data and choosing targeted keywords has to be the starting point of any successful SEO strategy.

We’ll look at your digital marketing goals and ideal customer, then do some keyword research and advise on the optimal keywords you should be using for three key website pages.

SEO performance score


You can be doing all the right things for SEO content-wise but if your small business website is hiding some technical gremlins, it could scupper your sterling SEO work. Google doesn’t like slow websites or those it can’t ‘read’ properly, so your website will lose authority if it’s committing these SEO sins.

We’ll check for basic technical issues such as slow page loading speed and unoptimised images to see what can be improved on. Technical problems can usually be sorted by your regular website developer, so don’t be scared by the ‘T’ word!

SEO Blog icon


The SEO Starter Package dives into a deeper SEO content analysis of the three key pages on your business website – Home, About Us, and your main product or service landing page.

Check whether your web pages are SEO-compliant and structured in a way that Google understands. We’ll review, then report back on SEO titles, descriptions, and exactly how to use those magic keywords and add them in the right place within the page content to beef up on-page SEO and get those key pages fully optimised.


SEO Audit


Start to gain clarity on the SEO health of your business website with the Snapshot SEO Audit. Learn its SEO score and discover its strengths and weaknesses to help you prioritise the tasks needed.

Gives a great starting point to get started with implementing SEO into your regular digital marketing strategy. Understanding the key elements of SEO will give you confidence that it’s not some technical mystery that you couldn’t possibly understand.



Google offers some handy free tools to help your small business both boost and track your SEO success. Every small business with a website should be using them!

Get sorted with the set-up of the big 3 Google tools for SEO.

1. Google My Business

2. Google Search Console

3. Google Analytics


SEO Audit


As an extra bonus, you’ll also get an SEO Checklist of SEO tasks your business could complete on a regular basis to boost your chances of getting found on Google. Small, simple steps really make the difference.

And as SEO is a long-term strategy, long-term work will reap big results down the line. Evergreen content keeps people coming for years, so follow the right processes and give organic growth the roots it needs to flourish.

Get Found on Google

Request a Free Snapshot SEO Audit To Get Started

To book your slot for the SEO Starter Pack for Small Business, just request a free snapshot SEO audit in the sign-up box below. Once received, get back in touch to book a discovery call or to continue the discovery process via email.

We’ll discuss your business needs, digital marketing goals and the results of the Snapshot SEO Audit to see where your website is at.  The next step after the discovery session is to book a slot and get a date in the diary to crack on with the SEO Starter Pack and begin the process of getting your business found on Google.

The SEO Starter Pack is priced at £499

SEO Starter Package

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