Get Clear on How to Improve SEO for Small Business

 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Google Analytics - Organic ResultsLooking for help with getting your small business website found on Google but not sure where to begin? Try my range of Affordable SEO Packages that help small businesses like yours to get clear on the SEO health of your website, identify key issues and the tasks required to fix them, and start moving up in search engine results.

As a freelance search engine optimization consultant working with small businesses in any industry, I provide flexible SEO Services to meet your business needs. I won’t baffle you with jargon leaving you none the wiser as to what I’m working on. I believe in transparency and working alongside your business to help you meet your digital marketing goals and get found on Google! Read what my small business customers have to say. 

To get started, browse my SEO Packages below. You can also request your Free Snapshot Audit to find out your current SEO Score.

FREE Snapshot Audit

how does your website score?

Start getting SEO-savvy with the Snapshot Audit. Find out the overall SEO score of your website and get a clear picture on its health, performance and ranked keywords.

An easy-to-digest introduction to SEO for your business. Providing a focused snapshot view to help your business get started with SEO. 

The Sorted SEO Audit for Savvy Small Business Owners

Get Clear on SEO Strategy and the Health of your Website

Dive deeper into your website to get the full story on SEO. Research more keywords, do a bit of spying on your competitors and the top ranking websites in your field to see what keywords they rank for and at what page position. Also includes details of content and technical errors that are holding your website back. The Sorted SEO Audit will leave you totally clued up on where your website is now, what’s needed to improve SEO, and an action plan of how to get there. 

SEO Starter Package

Want to Get Found on Google? Sort the SEO Basics Quickly. 

This affordable SEO package nails the basic elements of SEO for your small business. Also includes keyword research and full on-page optimisation of the three key pages on your website – Home, About and Product/Service landing page. Also includes the added bonus of a free Snapshot Audit and a mini Action Plan with a list of tasks and priorities for implementing SEO into your digital marketing strategies. 

Affordable Monthly SEO Packages


SEO is a long-term strategy that’s more a marathon than a sprint, so it’s better to work on it slowly but surely, than not at all. Ready to suss SEO for long-term rewards to your bottom line? Custom monthly SEO packages created with your digital marketing goals at the heart of SEO strategy.

Why Is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

Blogging-for-Small-Business-Business-Woman-Writing-a-BlogPut simply, if you don’t implement basic SEO on your business website it stands little chance of getting found on Google. And if your SEO situation is particularly bad, customers may not be able to find you online even when they type your business name directly into the search bar. Not a great way to make a memorable first impression of your business is it?!  And if they can’t find you, then you’ve lost a potential sale or lead. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an inbound marketing strategy that when done correctly, brings a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website who are interested in what you are selling. If you’ve avoided implementing SEO as you think it’s too techy, complicated, expensive or just don’t have the in-house knowledge, I’m here to make it simple for you. Read What is SEO and How Do you Do It?

As with all things digital marketing, you’ll discover that you can smash SEO by putting in consistent work focused in the right places. And the sooner you start the better as SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy that can take a few months to bear fruit. And that consistent work reaps more benefits over time as evergreen content drives visitors over years – and not just the hours/days of a social media post.

Benefits of a Freelance SEO Consultant Service

Flexible SEO Service


Get a professional SEO consultant totally focused on your business needs, but only pay for services as you need them. Offering SEO audits and an action plan for your small business to follow.  Get help as and when you need it.

Affordable SEO Services


Our affordable SEO service is a great investment for your business. Start with a free SEO audit for a comprehensive plan to improve your website, then be consistent with implementing recommendations to see a ROI for your small business.

Freelance SEO Consultant


Working virtually doesn’t mean I’m remote with your business! I love developing long-term working relationships with my clients to help your business reach its SEO goals. Providing professional advice and support to ensure your business website is performing the best it can.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Hello, I’m Samantha – founder of Virtually Optimized and freelance SEO consultant. I’ve been working with small business owners since 2010, helping them with the day-to-day management of their online marketing activities and all things website. Over the years, I learned more about SEO and found it to be my favourite element of digital marketing to work on, so I’ve became more focused on it. I love providing clarity and direction to savvy small business owners to help their websites thrive and get found on Google.

It’s always interesting learning about new businesses, products and services, then diving into what customers pop in the search box to find them. It’s super satisfying to see low-traffic websites starting to convert sales and leads from nothing. Work with me to help you to suss SEO, bring regular traffic and leads to your website, and boost your bottom line. Get started by requesting your FREE Snapshot SEO Audit Now! 


Sam McCulloch SEO Expert

“Samantha has helped me save both time and money with varied projects involving SEO. She picks up the projects and tasks at hand intuitively and delivers every time. This is a testament to her competency and skills. Samantha is efficient, professional and with an all-important can-do attitude. I recommend Samantha without hesitation.”

Leanne Dal Santo

Founder, Smartbags

“Samantha has been managing my blogs for me and working her magic on the writing I send over to her. She maximises my SEO making my blogs the best they can be. She is very efficient and will always give me a nudge if needed.  She is a fab outsourced resource.”

Naomi Richards

Life Coach for Children, The Kids Coach

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