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SEO Quick Tips: Simple Keyword Research Tool for Small Business

Nov 27, 2021 | Keyword Research for SEO, SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Keyword research is a vital component of SEO, as targeted keywords are what will drive those leads and sales from potential customers to your website. So, getting to grips with keyword research is pretty important but it can be difficult for newbies. Even for experienced keyword researchers, it can involve a lot of back and forth so it’s always handy to use tools and apps to make life simpler. That’s where Keywords Everywhere comes in!

What is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a handy keyword research tool that makes searching for those targetted keywords and phrases a much simpler affair for everyone – from beginners to experts.

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser plug-in for either Chrome or Firefox. And even if you need the paid version, prices start at as little as £10 so it’s economical and affordable – even for companies that are bootstrapping or working with small budgets.

Learn more about what’s included in the freemium and paid-for service.

It only takes a few minutes to install and once it’s up and running, it’s a breeze to research the best keywords and long-tail phrases for your website and blog content. Just type your search terms into the Google search box and it will spit out a list of similar keywords and phrases for you. There is also data on the monthly search volumes, cost per click and competition data.

So when you’re planning blog content or deciding on what targetted keywords to use for your websites, you can see at a glance whether people are already searching for that phrase (or not!). If not, then you can focus on something that your customers will be interested in.

And it doesn’t just work on Google –  Keywords Everywhere can also be used to search out the best terms on YouTube and Instagram.

How to Use Keywords Everywhere

Once you get the app extension added to Chrome or Firefox, you will see the plug-in icon featured in your browser bar. Before you begin, go into the settings and choose the territory you want to research. I work with small business in the UK, so set it to report on UK results only. But you can choose results and reporting from other countries or globally.

Once that’s done, let the keyword research begin! As an example, let’s use a recent blog of mine called What is an SEO Audit?

This is one of my services and I also offer a free SEO audit to get people into my sales funnel. So, I want to talk about these and find various phrases that my customers might be searching for. So, one of the phrases I wanted to check was What is an SEO Audit?

With the Keywords Everywhere plugin installed, it will show you the search volume right under the search bar (as above). I can see there were around 70 searches a month in the UK meaning that people are looking for an answer to this question. So it’s worth using a blog title to attract readers.

I can also see the cost per click for Google Ads – should I choose to target this term. So it’s not only useful for website content but also when looking for cheaper terms to target for ads.

KW Everywhere - Related Keywords Screenshot - what is an seo audit

As you scroll down the page of results, you will see that Keywords Everywhere also provides further data on:

  • related keywords
  • people also search for
  • long-tail phrases

You can also copy and export this data and start creating a record of potential keyword phrases to use on your small business website.

How to Implement Keywords on Your Small Business Website

Once you’ve got the hang of using Keywords Everywhere, I’d suggest creating a master document where you can pop all the results of your keyword research.

Create different sheets for potential blog titles and for each and every page of your website. If you’re new to SEO and keyword research, focus on key website pages like Home, About, and your main product/servicing landing page first. Once you’ve nailed those, then move on to researching some key blog titles with targeted keywords that will help drive the right kind of traffic to your small business.

And it’s as simple as that! You can click through to the related and suggested keywords to get more data on that term and see more suggestions. You may come across some new terms that you decide to pop in the search box. Just keep rinsing and repeating this exercise until you have found the best keywords for your small business website.

You can combine keywords within one title and you can also use other researched and related phrases within the same post or page. But with Keywords Everywhere to hand, you can be sure that you are creating content based on real-life searches by real-life potential customers.

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