Get Clear on How to Improve SEO for Small Business

SEO Audit Service for Small Business Owners - Front Cover of Report

SEO Audit Service for Savvy Small Business Owners

Get Found On Google With AN SEO Strategy & Action Plan For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, what crosses your mind when you hear the three little letters – SEO?

Aware that it’s probably something you should explore for your website but haven’t wrapped your head around exactly why you should do it and what’s involved? Or do you feel slightly panicked as it all sounds a bit technical and geeky, so it’s something that you just ignore when marketing your business online?

Either way (and for any other reason in-between), it’s all good. Your small business is certainly not alone.

SEO is one of those things that loiter down at the bottom of the list for most small businesses. BUT it’s the one thing that could propel your profits, bring you more customers and make running your small business easier.

Do I hear the “would be good-to-do, but I don’t have the time/staff/resources/knowledge, etc., etc, etc [insert reason/excuse here]. Whether you’ve never had any SEO work done before, or had a bit done when you launched and neglected it ever since, I’ll show you that you can easily Smash SEO for your small business.

It’s not complicated and all it takes is some regular, consistent work to get some smashing results with SEO.  I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do and in what order to get those web pages ranking. I guarantee that SEO is simpler than you think and once you learn the basic principles, they can be rinsed and repeated in various digital marketing campaigns.

You can choose to complete the recommended tasks in-house, outsource the work to our freelance SEO service or take a mix and match approach.  We work with you and your marketing team in a way that suits your budget and business needs.

What’s Included in the SEO Audit Service for Savvy Small Business Owners?

Whilst the Free Snapshot SEO Audit gives an insight into the SEO health of your own website, it doesn’t go the whole hog. A full SEO Audit Service takes a deeper dive into your website, competitor analysis and keyword research. It provides a clear picture of everything that’s needed to improve SEO for your small business in order to meet your online sales and marketing goals.

There are many benefits to using an SEO Audit Service for your small business. Get clear on the health of your website and start taking steps to ensure that your business can get found on Google.

SEO Audit Service for Savvy Small Business Owners

 SEO Audit Service – Contents

  • Find out which keywords your small business website already ranks for and at what page position (it’s not always what you think it should be!).
  • Keyword research and detailed feedback on ten keywords/phrases. Learn what your customers are really searching for. 
  • Find out which keywords competitors and key players in your industry are ranking for. Do some spying and get some extra keyword inspiration from their results!
  • Advice on content and on-page optimisation issues on your website. Ensuring your content is SEO-friendly and is structured correctly to help the Google Gods read it correctly. 
  • Learn where to pop those targeted keywords in on the page to boost the chances of customers searching for those terms finding you.
  • Technical issues slow down website loading times and can also be a factor in poor page ranking. Get a technical report on any site loading problems and techie issues that are letting your website performance down. Most competent web developers and designers can deal with these issues so don’t fret that you need to be a technical whizz to fix them.
  • Backlinks report showing other websites that link to your content. ‘Good’ links increase page ranking authority and send targeted traffic to your website. ‘Bad’ links can have a negative effect, so we’ll tell you what to do about them.
  • Includes a comprehensive SEO action plan with a list of suggested actions and priorities that can be used to plan budgets for SEO work going forward. We’ll priortise the tasks so you know what to focus on first and what would make the most impact.

Keeping it simple with easy-to-understand reporting and simple explanations on how to deal with any SEO issues. Get the full picture of EXACTLY what’s needed to incorporate SEO marketing into your digital marketing strategies.  We always keep your product/service and ideal customer in mind so that we can provide advice to help you reach the right people, boost traffic and conversion rates.

Want a custom SEO Audit Report for Your Business? How to Get Started with SEO….

To get started, just request your free Snapshot Audit by signing up below. We’ll send your free audit, then arrange a Discovery Call to learn more about your business and digital marketing goals before getting started on the full audit. 

Which Small Businesses Do We Work With?

We work with savvy small business owners & their marketing team to clue them up on SEO for small business websites. 

If any of the following statements ring true for your business and digital marketing goals, we can help!

Samantha McCulloch -SEO Expert - Wearing T-short that says You Reap What You SEO
  • Want your business website to start ranking on Google so customers can find your business online. Looking for the knowledge and guidance required to make that happen.
  • Looking for organic traffic that helps to generate leads and sales via your company website.
  • You’re part of (or employ) a small, but effective marketing team who know their customers inside and out. But, they lack the SEO knowledge the business needs to propel it to the top of search rankings. You’re looking for someone to work with your kick-ass marketing team to boost their knowledge and hone their SEO skills so that you can keep SEO marketing in-house.

  • Keen to learn more about which keywords customers are searching for and where your small business ranks for those keywords.
  • Want to learn more about your competitors such as how their website is performing in the search rankings and what keywords they rank for. Use this knowledge to inform your own keyword choices.
  • Would like to gain an understanding of how SEO impacts the success of a small business website and what they can do to start getting results. But aren’t sure where to start and what to do. Our SEO Audit Service will clear up your questions and provide a clear action plan.
    • Haven’t had the most positive experience with external SEO agencies? You might feel that they don’t fully understand your business or audience. Or are feeling very foggy about what they are actually doing to improve SEO for your business.  I have worked in the marketing industry for 20 years, so love nothing more than diving into learning about what your customers might search for. And my reports are always clear about what steps should be taken to improve SEO, so you no longer need to feel dazed and confused. 

    We work with small businesses in any industry or niche, looking to make the right long-term marketing investments to drive traffic to your website and boost sales in these challenging times.

    Sign up today and get a comprehensive SEO Audit & Action Report tailored to your business. Prices start from £299, depending on the size of your website.

     That’s a small price to pay to gain a whole heap of SEO knowledge and savvy to help propel your business website up the search engine rankings.

    The Key Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

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    Who doesn’t want their business website to rank highly on Google and be the first listing that potential customers see when they pop their questions into that little search box?!  Without basic SEO, it’s almost impossible for potential customers to find your business website.

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    Can you imagine how understanding and implementing this stuff can and will change your business?! It has the potential to be game-changing. Crack SEO and your website will bring a steady stream of customers and leads to your website.


    SEO is a savvy long-term investment that will help those ideal clients find you organically and keep them coming!  Consistent tweaks and improvements to SEO  will work wonders for the future health of your business website. Get it right, you won’t regret the benefits it can bring and will wonder why your business didn’t start SEO sooner.

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    SEO works for small businesses in any industry or niche, looking to make the right long-term digital marketing investments. With more longevity than social media posts, SEO-friendly content provides an evergreen method of driving traffic to your small business website and boosting sales in these challenging times.

    Why Work with a Freelance SEO Consultant?


    Flexible SEO Service


    Get a professional SEO consultant totally focused on your business needs, but only pay for services as you need them. We offer a range of SEO audits and will provide an action plan for your small business to follow.  Get help as and when you need it.

    Affordable SEO Services


    Our affordable SEO service is a great investment for your business. Start with an SEO audit for a comprehensive plan to improve your website, then be consistent with implementing recommendations to see a ROI for your small business.

    Freelance SEO Consultant


    Working virtually doesn’t mean we’re remote with your business! We love developing long-term working relationships to help your business reach it’s SEO goals. Providing professional advice and support to ensure your business website is performing the best it can.


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