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Savvy SEO for Small Business Success
Power Hour

Samantha McCulloch -SEO Expert - Wearing T-short that says You Reap What You SEO

Are you a savvy small business owner that wants to turn your website into a lead and sales-generating machine but need some advice on where to get started and what to focus on?  

Perhaps your website isn’t ranking well and you’re trying to work out how to get found on Google (and other search engines) to drive more traffic. 

If you are a business owner or marketer who has absolutely no idea whether their website is SEO-friendly or not, then this Power Hour is a great place to start! I’ll help you to get savvy about SEO for Small Business Success in just 60 minutes.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I love working with people who want to get to grips with SEO and suss out how to implement it in their digital marketing plans. Just 1 hour with my undivided attention will start to demystify search engine optimization and get you clued up about your own website!  We’ll look at any specific issues, it’s general health and priority areas to improve.  Once the call is over, you’ll have an SEO strategy that you can start to implement in your business immediately.  

Custom Expert SEO Advice

for Small Business Owners and Marketers

What can we cover in the Power Hour? This is your time to learn how to manage SEO in-house, see how your website is performing and learn about the tasks involved in an SEO strategy. Tailored around your specific needs we can discuss topics like:

  • The current health of your website – how SEO-friendly is it already? Discover it’s strengths and weaknesses so you know exactly what you need to work on.
  • Which keywords does your website already rank for? Do these keywords ‘match’ what your target customers search for, or are you attracting the wrong type of customer
  • How to find and research the right keywords for your business
  • Create a custom SEO strategy for your small business so you can start to get a plan into place and then follow it!
  • Overview of on-page and off-page optimisation

  • Blogging strategy – whether you are blogging regularly with limited results, or you’d like to start a blogging strategy, I can give you advice to move forward.


How To Book and Start Getting SEO-Savvy 

  1. Send me a message via my Contact Form. Please state your interest in booking a Power Hour.
  2. I’ll get back in touch to arrange a date and time for your personal SEO coaching session
  3. I will send you a brief questionnaire about your business and website so that I can learn more about it before our session. 
  4. The session costs £149 for 1 hour. Once a date is finalised I will send an invoice for payment. 
  5. You’ll also receive a free Snapshot SEO Audit and a web crawl detailing any site errors that need fixing. 
  6. You’ll end the session with a SEO plan to follow. You can choose to manage the tasks in-house or I can help you to manage them. Or you can take a mix and match approach and I can work with your marketing team to implement search engine optimization strategy and tasks.

The benefits of working with A FREELANCE SEO CONSULTANT

Flexible SEO Service


A professional SEO consultant offering a range of SEO services and packages that can be tailored to your marketing goals. Mix and match to suit your unique requirements. Adjust the services used as your business needs change allowing helping you to control both your budgets and the focus of SEO work. 

Affordable SEO Services


Affordable SEO services are a great investment for your business. Offering comprehensive plans and resources to improve your website rankings that can be scaled according to your business budget.  Whether you’re a solopreneur or a bigger business with regular employees, we can work with you. 

Freelance SEO Consultant


Working virtually doesn’t mean we’re remote with your business! We love developing long-term working relationships to help your business reach its SEO goals. Providing professional advice and support to ensure your business website is performing the best it can.

“Samantha has helped me save both time and money with varied projects involving SEO. She picks up the projects and tasks at hand intuitively and delivers every time. This is a testament to her competency and skills. Samantha is efficient, professional and with an all-important can-do attitude. I recommend Samantha without hesitation.”

Leanne Dal Santo

Founder, Smartbags

“It is a great pleasure working with Sam. Her knowledge and experience is exceptional. She has helped us prepare and execute an SEO strategy for our client, and we are seeing a great improvement in all metrics. Plus, she’s educated us along the way! A fantastic resource”

Elizabeth Hawkins

Creative Project Manager, Plot Digital

“Samantha has been managing my blogs for me and working her magic on the writing I send over to her. She maximises my SEO making my blogs the best they can be. She is very efficient and will always give me a nudge if needed.  She is a fab outsourced resource.”

Naomi Richards

Life Coach for Children, The Kids Coach

“Sam is a great asset to any company that doesn’t have in-house SEO expertise; she has worked with us for a few years now and has helped to get our business on the web map and keep it there! I thoroughly recommend Sam for all your SEO needs.”

Shaheen Shakeel

Marketing Manager , Sow Easy

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