Get Clear on How to Improve SEO for Small Business

Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

Choose your pace and boost visitor numbers with monthly fixed-price SEO packages

Want to elevate the visibility and page ranking of your business website? SEO is what’s needed to start reaching the RIGHT customers, tempt them into your sales funnel and turn them into valuable leads and sales revenue.

SEO is a long-term strategy that’s more a marathon than a sprint, so it’s better to work on it slowly but surely than not at all. Your future business will thank you for it as those page rankings and profits grow over the months and years.

Ready to suss SEO for long-term rewards to your bottom line? Create a monthly SEO package with your digital marketing goals at the heart of your SEO strategy. We’ll help you get to grips with understanding what your customers are searching for online and how to apply that to your own website and get it found on Google.

Many businesses ignore SEO as other digital strategies such as social media are shinier and seem easier to understand.

Don’t fret that you’ll be bamboozled with SEO jargon or that you won’t be able to understand exactly what progress has been made or results achieved. We meet you where you are and work with you to create an Affordable SEO package for your individual business needs.

So whether you’re new to SEO or an old hand with specific tasks in mind, read on to see what monthly package suits your budget and timeframes. Then request your free Snapshot SEO Audit and start to get SEO sussed for your small business.

Using Magnifying Glass to find Ideal Customers Using SEO
SEO Sussed - Affordable Monthly SEO Package


For Small Businesses with Big Aspirations

Ideal for small businesses with a small website of less than 15 pages. Also suited to those with lower budgets looking to make slow and steady improvements to their SEO success. Can be used for a mix and match approach if you’re willing and able to undertake some SEO tasks in-house, whilst getting expert guidance from an experienced SEO consultant.

Get clear on an SEO Strategy plan and the small, regular steps that your business needs to take and work into your digital marketing plan to ensure you can get found online.

£175  per month

Request your free Snapshot SEO Audit below to get started!

SEO Optimized - Affordable Monthly SEO Package


Optimize Quickly & Boost Online Growth

Suited to those looking to kick-start SEO success in a shorter space of time. Also suits companies with an in-house marketing team, looking for an SEO consultant to work alongside them. We work with them to share knowledge, develop reporting and best practices, helping them to develop their own SEO skills if required.

The SEO Optimized package is recommended for websites with more than 15 pages that require a wider scope of work.

£350 per month

Request your free Snapshot SEO Audit below to get started!

SEO Supercharged - Affordable Monthly SEO Package


Go all-in for faster SEO results

This SEO package is great for larger websites with lots of content that needs an SEO boost in superfast time. Get the basics sorted quickly and get SEO systems in place to keep on track. Do you have a ton of blog content that just isn’t getting the visits you wanted? We’ll crack on with sorting them out and ensuring they’re SEO -friendly, with the right keywords to bring your crowd in.

Or perhaps your marketing team needs consultancy help to clue them up on SEO and you’re looking for a flexible solution? Book a Discovery Call to discuss your needs.

£700 per month

Request your free Snapshot SEO Audit below to get started!

Samantha McCulloch -SEO Expert - Wearing T-short that says You Reap What You SEO

How do Affordable SEO Packages Work?

Firstly, we discuss the findings of your free Snapshot SEO Audit and digital marketing goals to work out where you are and what needs doing to get SEO sussed for your small business. Based on your budgets and timeframes, I’ll suggest a strategy and frame of work for the retainer period.

Once agreed and contracts signed, we can get to work!  I’ll always agree on work in advance so that both parties know what to expect from each other.  Communication is key to a great working relationship!

Monthly packages can be agreed upon for any time period required and can be used for both short & long-term SEO consultancy. Payment must be made monthly in advance to keep services running.

The Benefits of Affordable Monthly SEO Packages for Small Business

Flexible SEO Service


Get a professional SEO consultant totally focused on your business needs, but only pay for services as you need them. We offer a range of SEO audits and will provide an action plan for your small business to follow.  Get help as and when you need it.

Affordable SEO Services


Our affordable SEO service is a great investment for your business. Start with an SEO audit for a comprehensive plan to improve your website, then be consistent with implementing recommendations to see a ROI for your small business.

Freelance SEO Consultant


Working virtually doesn’t mean we’re remote with your business! We love developing long-term working relationships to help your business reach it’s SEO goals. Providing professional advice and support to ensure your business website is performing the best it can.

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