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How To Check If a Web Page Is Indexed by Google

Oct 5, 2022 | Google Tools, SEO Tips for Small Businesses, Technical SEO

Indexing happens when Google’s little search bots crawl around the internet discovering new websites and pages and adding them to its vast directory of content. However, there have been recent reports of severe problems with Google Search leading to major delays with indexing new website pages.

This means that if you’ve published any new content in recent weeks or months, it may not even be indexed by Google yet. No small business owner or marketer has got time for creating new content that isn’t even being indexed by the search engines. Nobody creates content for it to sit unnoticed so here’s a savvy SEO tip that will help you to:

  1. Check whether Google has indexed your web pages
  2. Learn how to submit a URL to Google for indexing

I popped a video on my Facebook page talking about this very problem and showing you how to check and fix any indexing issues. The video is less than 10 minutes, so you can either watch along and/or scroll down for a series of images and instructions.


Instructions – How to Index Web Pages with Google

  1. Check URL: Log into your Google Search Console account. > Click on URL inspection > Then submit the website page you want to check into the URL field > Press the return key to run the check. (FYI – URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is the technical term for a webpage).

Step 1: Click on URL inspection, then pop the web page address you want to check into the URL field


2. Submit URL: The next screen you see will let you know whether the URL is indexed or not > If the URL is not on Google you will see the message below > if not found, click on the Request Indexing link.

Step 2: URL is not on Google - Request Indexing


3. Test the web page: Google will test the live URL and report back > (No need to do anything here. Just watch and wait for the verdict – it only takes a minute).

Step 3: Screenshot of GSC - Testing if URL can be indexed


4. Indexing Requested: All being well, (and it usually is) you’ll see this screen and you’re done.

Step 4: Indexing Requested

And that is how you index a web page with Google. Simple! I’d advise that you check back after a few days (or a week) to see whether the page is indexed yet.  You are aiming to see the following screen when you complete a URL inspection. When you see it, all is well in the indexing world!

This URL is indexed on Google


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