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Free SEO Audit - What's Your SEO Score

How does your business website score for SEO? Find out by requesting a FREE Snapshot SEO Audit today. You’ll also learn:

  • Which keywords your business website ranks for
  • If your web pages are optimized for SEO
  • Recommendations for priority SEO tasks to boost your score
  • What kinds of tasks and skills are needed to get your business SEO sorted

The Snapshot SEO Audit answers these questions and provides an illuminating starting point to incorporating SEO into your digital marketing strategy.

Read on to learn more and to request your Free Snapshot SEO Audit today.

Free Snapshot SEO Audit
What’s Included?

SEO performance score

What's Your SEO Score?

Are you an A+, an F-or somewhere in-between? Get an overall SEO score plus individual scores for elements such as on-page optimisation, technical performance, usability, security and social media. Discover your personal SEO strengths & weaknesses. 

Find out ranking keywords

Find out your Top 10 Ranking Keywords

Learn which keywords visitors are using to find your small business website and how much traffic they are sending to your website. Also provides data on keyword page positions and density/consistency.  

Recommended SEO Priorities

Includes a list of recommended SEO tasks, ranked by priority from high to low. Find out the key tasks needed to improve SEO on your small business website. Provides a starting point for further work and an SEO Action Plan. 

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Request an SEO Audit to Make a Start on Improving SEO for your Small Business

How Does it Work?

  1. Request your free Snapshot SEO Audit by completing the form below.
  2. We’ll send the results of the Snapshot SEO Audit in 3 working days.
  3. Find out your score and discover your SEO strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Share the results with your digital marketing team so they can make the recommended improvements.
  5. If you don’t have the in-house resources available to make the improvements, we’re happy to discuss your needs to see how we can help your business.
  6. If you’d love some expert help, book a Discovery Call or email session. We’ll discuss the findings, your digital marketing goals and budgets to see which SEO package is the best fit for your business.
  7. We offer a range of flexible SEO services and packages to suit varying business needs and budgets. Use SEO services as and when you need them. We can also work on short-term contracts of 6-12 months to help you budget SEO into your business plans.
  8. Get started now by claiming the Free Snapshot Audit for savvy small business owners below!

Request the FREE Snapshot SEO Audit

Complete the form below to request a Snapshot SEO Audit. Don’t forget to leave your website address as we can’t do the audit without it!

We aim to reply within 3 working days with your personal audit. If you’d like to talk the results over and learn more about improving SEO for your Small Business, we can arrange a 20-minute Discovery Call.

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