Social Media Content Creation Services

-What shall I post on social media - running out of ideas

Feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail trying to find enough engaging content to fill your social media streams? 

Just imagine having a ‘bank’ of 50 engaging, informative posts that are targeted to your audience. All you need to do is copy and paste them or schedule them up in advance. Now how much time and effort would that save you? 

Who benefits from social media content creation services?

Anyone that needs to give their social media campaign a kick-start to attract followers and fill your feed with lovely content.

Have you already generated content in the form of ebooks, videos, blogs, presentations  & training? Then you’ve got the basis of loads of posts! I’ll pluck out the best bits and turn them into catchy quotes, tips or facts that can be used in your campaign.

Got a campaign or goal in mind? You may want to increase brand awareness, reach new followers, promote a new product, service or event. I’ll create content which will sell your business, without being “sell-y”.

What does a bespoke social media content bank include?

A bespoke content bank created just for you includes 50 individual posts formatted and ready to be scheduled. Posts will include relevant hashtags and links back to your website (where appropriate).

How much will my bespoke content bank cost?

Bronze Package - £100

50 individual posts for one Social Media Channel
Silver Package - £125

50 individual posts edited for two social media channels
Gold Package - £150

50 individual posts edited for four social media channels

Want a bespoke content bank for your business? Here’s what to do next…

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