Blogging Blast

I should be blogging but hate writing! I want to outsource it allYou know you should be blogging, but it’s just not your thing. You just can’t get your head around it and to be honest, you don’t really want to!

It can feel scary handing over your brands ‘voice’ but deep down you know it’s the only way to make sure the job gets done! 

How the Blogging Blast Package works

This package will deliver 12 blogs ready to go – that’s up to 3 months if you post weekly. And all in time it will take you you to have a chat, brain dump your thoughts and reply to a couple of emails.

Sound’s good, doesn’t it? Read on for the process that will deliver you blog content and a whole heap of lovely time (and we all need more of that).

1. The first job is for me to learn more about your business.  I’ll be asking about your vision, who are you marketing to, what are your marketing goals, any data you have on keywords people are searching for etc.

Next step is getting familiar with your content and doing some Google keyword research on what your audience might be looking for. Then, I’ll use the info to get together some ideas for possible blog titles. We’ll have a chat  (via emails and phone calls – whatever suits your preference) to hone this list down to 12 titles.

2. Once a list of titles has been agreed on, I will ask you for notes, bullet points & opinions on each subject. After all, you are the expert in your field and you will have knowledge to share!

3. I will then turn these notes into blogs. I’ll take care of everything from copy-writing, editing, proof-reading, SEO & image research, then present you with the finished blog for your feedback and approval.

4. After that, you’ll have enough blogs to last you for 3 months (if you’re posting weekly).

5. As an added bonus, I’ll create a personal content bank with 5 bonus posts relating to each blog post – this could be an alternative description, tip, quote or question for your audience.

How much does it cost?

The package price includes the cost of consultations, research, brainstorming ideas, writing blogs and creating your personal content bank.

£400 to be paid in 3 installments
Payment 1: £100 on delivery of blog titles
Payment 2: £150 on delivery of first 6 blogs
Payment 3: £150 on delivery of final 6 blogs

Contact me now for a free, no-obligation consultation call to discuss your blogging needs and problems. I’ll be back in touch in no time to schedule a call with you. 

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