The Benefits of Affordable SEO for Small Business

Why Bother with SEO?

Your small business is ticking along and making sales so why do you need SEO?

Put simply, getting to the first page of Google can turn your website into a lead generating machine! A few small changes to your content, website structure and a general ‘housekeep’ to tidy up behind the scenes, will help potential customers to find you and in turn, boost sales.

It will also make your small business website more user-friendly for visitors.  You don’t want them jumping off your website within seconds of finding it! Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

SEO will also help to organise your content, making it easier for visitors to navigate around your website and understand how your business can help them.

Add SEO-friendly blog content to your strategy to help boost your brand profile and your website’s authority with Google.

Managing SEO correctly for your business involves different tasks. SEO audits,  keyword & competitor reserarch and creating SEO-friendly content for your small business website is just part of it!

These are essential tasks for any successful SEO strategy and need to be worked on consistently to see results.

If you blogging regularly & having a social media presence are everyday marketing activities for any business. They are also notorious time-suckers!

What’s worse is that often that time is unproductive and doesn’t get any results. It’s easy to lose hours on Twitter or sitting staring at a blank screen as you contemplate your next blog.

Or maybe you are getting great results But you’re not getting the freedom and flexibility you had dreamed of when you started a business as you’re just too darn busy!

I’ve devised a range of services with you in mind. If you need to

  • boost online sales or generate leads
  • get some professional SEO advice
  • make SEO work marketing work for you
  • grow your team of regular, trusted outsourced services…

Then keep reading to see how I can save you time and bother with a range of online marketing support. I’ll help you with blogging, social media and all-round website & online marketing management. 

Blogging Services

“I’ve got a few ideas for blog content, but find it hard writing a full blog post. And it takes soooooo long!”

Then you need Blogging the Easy Way –  a retainer service which takes the hassle out of regular blogging. Just hand over your notes or rough draft and I’ll re-write, edit and add a picture to make it look lovely. Then I’ll make it SEO-friendly and get it out to the world.

“I know I should be blogging, but I hate writing and have no idea what to write about! I want to outsource it all but where do I find someone to trust?”

Check out Blogging Blast – I’ll help you generate 12 blog titles tailored to your audience, then turn them into fully-formed blogs ready for publication.

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 Social Media Services

“I’m running out of ideas – what shall I  post on social media?!  It’s never-ending and I need to focus on other areas of my business. How can I save time whilst still generating engaging posts?”

Try your very own Bespoke Social Media Content Bank. I’ll create a ‘bank’ of 50 posts tailored to your campaigns, audience and goals. All you need to do is copy, paste and schedule when you’re ready. Use them on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Google +. Save yourself masses of time and your feed will also be filled with engaging, interesting posts.

“I spend hours messing around on social media and have no idea if it’s helping my business. I need direction and a plan, as well as someone to help with managing my accounts and tracking the data so I know what’s working.”

Try my Social Media Manager service. I’ll work with you to create goals and plans so you know what you want to achieve from social media. Then then hand over the day-to-day management of your accounts and sit back whilst I get on with it! All you need to do is focus on engaging with your network and working on the relationships you want to cultivate. Stop faffing and start seeing results!

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Online Marketing Manager

“I need help with everything! I’d love my own online manager to help me plan, strategise then just get on with delivering it all!  I can’t stretch to employees at the moment though and outsourcing individual tasks seems like a hassle.”  

A virtual online marketing manager can do anything an in-house employee can. I can create & edit web pages, plan & execute online marketing campaigns, deal with social media, write newsletters, collect and analyse marketing data. Imagine handing all those tasks over to a capable set of hands.

And just like an employee, I will be part of your team. I’ll get the work done but I’ll also support and advise you to help your business grow.

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