The Benefits of Affordable SEO for Small Business

Why Bother with SEO?

Your small business is ticking along and making sales so why do you need SEO?

Put simply, getting to the first page of Google can turn your website into a lead generating machine! A few tweaks and changes to your content, website structure and a general ‘housekeep’ to tidy up behind the scenes, will help potential customers to find your business and in turn, boost sales.

SEO is more cost-effective form of marketing than Google Ads and will reap longer- term benefits for your website and business.

Get a SEO Action Plan for Small Business with our Comprehensive SEO Audit.

Blogging for SEO 

Blogging is great for SEO. High-quality, targeted content helps to improve page ranking with Google and drives visitors to your website.

I’ve created two packages for people who want to blog regularly, but are short on time or expertise. 

Blogging the Easy Way


“I’ve got a few ideas for blog content, but find it hard writing a full blog post. And it takes soooooo long!”

Then you need Blogging the Easy Way –  a retainer service which takes the hassle out of regular blogging. Just hand over your notes or rough draft and we’ll edit the text to tidy up your work and make it SEO-friendly. We’ll also source an image and add it before publishing. 

Blogging Blast

“I know I should be blogging, but I hate writing and have no idea what to write about! I want to outsource it all but where do I find someone to trust?”

Check out Blogging Blast – I’ll help you generate 12 blog titles tailored to your audience and based on long-tail keyword research, then turn them into fully-formed blogs ready for publication.

If you prefer to write your own blogs, we can also provide just 12 blog titles based on keyword research.