The ‘Smash-It’ SEO Audit & Action Plan for Savvy Small Business Owners

SEO Audit & Action Plan for Small Business

As a small business owner, what crosses your mind when you hear the three little letters – SEO?

Aware that it’s probably something you should explore for your website but haven’t wrapped your head around exactly why you should do it and what’s involved? Or do you feel slightly panicked as it all sounds a bit technical and geeky, so it’s something that you just ignore when marketing your business online?

Either way (and for any other reason in-between), it’s all good. Your small business is certainly not alone.

SEO is one of those things that loiters down at the bottom of the list for most small businesses. BUT it’s the one thing that could propel their profits, bring them more customers and make running their small business easier.

Do I hear the “would be good-to-do, but I don’t the time/staff/resources/knowledge etc., etc, etc [insert reason/excuse here]. Whether you’ve never had any SEO work done before, or had a bit done when you launched and neglected it ever since, I’ll show you that you can easily Smash SEO for your small business.

It’s not complicated – I’ll tell you exactly what you (or your marketing team) need to do and in what order. I guarantee it’s simpler than you think.

Ready to Smash SEO for your Small Business with a Comprehensive SEO Audit & Action Plan tailored to your business for just £199!

The Key Benefits of Smashing SEO for
Small Business

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Just like maintaining a social media presence and writing blogs, SEO just needs some regular, consistent work to get some smashing results!

Who doesn’t want their business website to rank highly on Google? Who doesn’t want to be the first person your potential customers see when they pop their questions into that little search box.

Can you imagine how understanding and implementing this stuff can and will change your business?! It has the potential to be game-changing.

Without it, your small business won’t feature in search results and your ideal clients won’t find you, that’s business lost! SEO is a savvy long-term investment that will help those ideal clients find you organically. Get it right, you won’t regret the benefits it can bring and will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner

Small business in any industry, niche – looking to make the right long-term marketing investments to give them the best chance of driving traffic to their website and boosting sales in these challenging times

Who Do We Work With?

We work with savvy small business owners & their marketing team to clue them up on SEO for small business websites. If any of the following statements ring true, we can help!

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  • Want your business website to start ranking on Google so customers can find your business online. Looking for the knowledge and guidance required to make that happen.
  • Looking for organic traffic that helps to generate leads and sales via your company website.
  • You’re part of (or employ) a small, but effective marketing team who know their customers inside and out. But, they lack the SEO knowledge the business needs to propel it to the top of search rankings. You’re looking for someone to work with your kick-ass marketing team to boost their knowledge and hone their SEO skills so that you can keep SEO marketing in-house.
  • Keen to learn more about which keywords customers are searching for and where your small business ranks for those keywords.
  • Want to learn more about your competitors such as how their website is performing in the search rankings and what keywords they rank for. Use this knowledge to inform your own keyword choices.
  • Would like to gain an understanding of how SEO impacts the success of a small business website and what they can do to start getting results.
  • Want to save money on ongoing Google ads with little return on investment?
  • Haven’t had the most positive experience with external SEO agencies. You might feel that they don’t fully understand your business or audience. Or perhaps you are using an expensive SEO service which isn’t getting the results you desire. Are you a small business in any industry or niche, looking to make the right long-term marketing investments to give them the best chance of driving traffic to their website and boosting sales in these challenging times?

We work with small businesses in any industry or niche, looking to make the right long-term marketing investments to drive traffic to your website and boost sales in these challenging times.

Sign up today and get a comprehensive SEO Audit & Action Report tailored to your business for just £199. That’s a small price to pay to gain a whole heap of SEO knowledge and savvy to help propel your business website up the search engine rankings.

What’s Included in the Smash-It SEO Audit & Action Plan?

A complete website audit showing the key technical & content-driven issues affecting your site loading speed and search ranking. Includes information on why/how to fix these problems.

Find out which keywords your small business website is ranking for.

Keyword research and detailed feedback on up to five keywords/phrases related to your business. Find out what your ideal customer is searching for to boost traffic.

Backlinks report showing other websites that link to yours. “Bad’ links can effect the ranking of your website, so we’ll identify them and tell you what to do about them.

.A comprehensive SEO action plan with a list of suggested actions & priorities that can be used to plan & budget for SEO work going forward. This includes suggestions on-page content, SEO titles and descriptions, keyword suggestions and more!

Competitor report detailing which keywords your two main competitors rank for and at what page position. You can also drill into their most popular website content.

Priority & Action Checklist – to make life easier we’ll supply a simple checklist to help you tick tasks off the list. Not only that, but we’ll prioritise the tasks for you and put it together in a simple format.

No jargon and easy to understand reporting! I’ll provide simple explanations for any technical issues and how to fix them. 

Includes discovery discussion via phone & email discovery. We’ll look at your website, talk about any issues, your product/service/ideal customer etc (give them simple questionnaire to begin to save time on getting background info).

Also includes 30 mins follow up to discuss the results of your audit and where you go next.

How Much Time Will You Need to Invest?

But I don’t have time, I hear you cry! Yes, you do 😊 You don’t need to action everything at once. Small steps taken weekly & monthly can reap big rewards over time. I’ll help you to prioritise the actions you need to take and break them down. You are free to work through suggestions at your own pace.

And if you’d rather spend the time working on other areas of your business, that’s fine and dandy too.  I can work with your marketing team and arm them with the specialist knowledge they need to nail SEO marketing. Why not bring it in-house rather than using an outsourced service – after all, your team know your business and customers better than anyone.

If you don’t have your own marketing team, this work could be completed by a specialist virtual assistant, outsourced via platforms like Fivver, People Per Hour etc.  Alternatively, you could instruct your web designer to make the changes required. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and there’s some great outsourced help available out there.

Ready to smash SEO? Let’s sign you up.


FLEXIBILITY: Get a professional SEO consultant totally focused on your business needs, but only pay for services as you need them. We offer a range of SEO audits and will provide an action plan for your small business to follow.  Get help as and when you need it.

BUSINESS INVESTMENT: Our affordable service is a great investment for your business. Start with an SEO audit for a comprehensive plan to improve your website. Be consistent with implementing recommendations and you’ll see a ROI for your small business.

PROFESSIONAL:  Working virtually doesn’t mean we’re remote with your business! We love developing long-term working relationships to help your business reach it’s SEO goals. Providing professional advice and support to ensure your business website is performing the best it can.


If you’re ready to steam in and start working on boosting SEO for your small business website, I can offer a support package so that you can check-in, get advice & feedback on work already done, and the work ahead.

Get flexible support as and when you need it. Just pay a monthly fee and receive weekly support via email or messenger. Ask for more details when you request your SEO audit.