Blogging for Business Survey – Female Small Business Owners

Blogging for Business Survey - Women in Business

Blogging for Business Survey - Women in BusinessFemale Small Business Owners – can you help me?

I’d love to know more about your challenges when blogging for business so that I can help you address them.

Do you lack the time, money or knowledge to blog for business regularly?

Would you consider outsourcing blog management and what would be the key factors in making that decision?

To say ‘thank you’ for your time, I’ll enter you in a free prize draw to win a £10 Amazon Gift Card. Treat yourself to a new inspirational business book or curl up and relax with some fiction – the choice is yours! (Survey closes 19th February 2016)

Blogging for Business Survey


Blogging the Easy Way

-I've got a few blog ideas, but find it hard writing a full blog post


Blogging The Easy Way

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Female Micro-Business Owners…

outsourcing online marketing questionaire

Tell me your thoughts about online marketing.

What do you need help with, what are the barriers to outsourcing and what are you interested in?

outsourcing online marketing questionaire

Share your feedback with me and save up to £71.00 on my Blogging the Easy Way service

Female micro-business owners are a busy bunch of people. We have a seemingly never-ending ‘to do’ list as we are responsible for running every single part of our business. This can be challenging, frustrating & stressful.

I provide online marketing support to women just like you. I’m developing my products and services and would like to know about your online marketing headaches, thoughts on outsourcing and what sort of content interests you.

A sweetener to say ‘thank you’

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so here’s a little incentive to encourage you to take part and to say thanks.

I’m offering a 10% discount on my Blogging the Easy Way  service to everyone who completes the survey below.  Save up to £71 and get 12 weeks worth of blogs sorted! 

The package is real time-saver.  Hand over your rough blog draft, then I’ll edit, tidy up, add a lovely image and make it SEO-friendly. Once approved by you, I’ll schedule it up and get it out to the world.  

The survey should takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Thank you!