SEO Starter Pack for Small Business

Is your small business website SEO-friendly? Be honest – many business owners ‘think’ theirs is, but aren’t totally sure. If you haven’t covered the SEO basics, customers may struggle to find you even if they know your business name. And the chance of ranking well will certainly be reduced, meaning your company won’t appear in search results when potential customers they are looking for products and services like yours.

What’s the point in having a business website if nobody can find you?! If you’re not sure whether your website is SEO-friendly or not, please do book a Discovery Call today.

Or read through the following list to see what’s included in the SEO Starter Pack. If your business hasn’t done everything on the list (or think they might have been done at some point in the dim and distant past), then it’s essential to get them sorted if you want any chance of your business website to start ranking with Google.

What’s included in the SEO Starter Pack?

  • Keyword Research – find out what keywords your business website ranks for. Get suggestions for other keywords and phrases to ensure you are using the optimal keywords for your website.
  • SEO Analysis of three key pages on your website – usually Home, About Us and the main Products/Services landing page. We’ll check if the pages are SEO-compliant and review SEO titles, descriptions and use of keywords. We’ll then recommend any changes and complete them on approval.
  • Check technical set-up such as loading speed, mobile site and whether images are optimized
  • Add (or update) business listings on Google My Business, Apple Maps and Bing
  • Create a Google Search Console Account & submit a site map
  • Create Google Analytics account so you can keep track of visitor statistics

Cost: £149