Four Ways to Simplify Social Media

Four Ways to Simplify Social Media

Social Media Make SimpleHaving a social media presence for your business is a great way to get your brand out there. It’s low cost, gives people a change to get to know you and gives you a chance to entice them into your sales funnel.

However, it can take up a whole heap of time if you let it.

But never fear! With a bit of forward planning, it’s easy to simplify social media. There are also services you can use which are designed to save you time and make content gathering and scheduling much easier.

So follow these 4 tips, get organised then sit back and relax! OK maybe not relax, but free up time to get on with other jobs whilst your social media marketing keeps working.

1. Create a Content Bank

Everyone needs a social media content bank – if you don’t already have one you must start one! It will save you masses of time and the hassle of constantly thinking about what you should be posting next.

A content bank is basically an excel file filled with posts that are ready to be copied and scheduled to social media.

Ideally, a content bank will have various sheets for:

a) Blog posts: Enter the blog post title and the URL (shortened URLs using or work best) of each blog post you publish. You should then think of  3 or 4 alternative titles and/or descriptions for the same blog post and write those down too.

b) Tips & examples of your expertise: create a list of tips and useful info that helps your audience to solve their problems and make their lives easier. You can pull these tips from your website content, blogs, ebooks – any content you already have out there.

(Read 4 Ways to Create a Stream of Content from One Blog Post)

c) Quotes:  – get together a list of quotes relating to your business or audience. They can be inspiring, motivational, thought-provoking, educational or maybe just entertaining! Quotes provide a quick, easy way to catch your audiences attention and are also highly shareable.

For more information on social media content banks read: Making Great Social Media Content Easy & How to Compile a Social Media Content Bank

2. Schedule posts in advance

Use software like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule up your contents days, weeks or months in advance. That way, you’ll still feature on social media even if you’re away from your desk.

If you use this approach, you should bear in mind that a pure stream of automated posts can look soulless. Even worse is not replying to people who engage with you. Schedule in advance by all means, but you have to check-in to your accounts regularly to reply and comment to keep things personal.

The beauty of Hootsuite is that it makes it easy to split your accounts and followers into lists so you can keep up with everything at a glance. As you can also pre-schedule replies and RT to go out later in the day, you could check in once, respond to your followers then spread your responses out so that it looks as if you are present and engaged.

3. Use content sites like Post Planner

I love using Post Planner as it saves so much time. It provides links to great content including memes, viral photos, status ideas and articles. You can also use hashtags, Twitter handles and Facebook pages to help you search for content by area of interest.

You can schedule up to 500 posts on Twitter and Facebook with the LOVE package. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free option but the package is only $7 per month (approx £4.50 per month) which is a positive bargain due to the sheer volume of content that’s available to you.

Mix and match content from Post Planner along with your own content that you’ve saved in your content bank, and you’ll be providing a great mix of news, views and interesting content for your readers.

4. Outsource the day to day stuff

I save time by letting my VA deal with some of the day-to-day jobs that whilst essential, suck up lots of time:

Here’s some of the social media management tasks my VA assists with:

  • Engaging with new followers: Welcoming new Twitter followers, then adding them to relevant lists so that I can keep an eye on them via Hootsuite.
  • Building follower numbers:  I identify the type of people I want to follow/follow me back then my VA helps me research people, find them and follow them
  • List management: helping me keep control of Twitter lists by adding new people, un-following accounts and creating/researching new lists
  • Group posting: Occasionally, I’ll have an offer or blog that I want to share more widely. My VA posts the link in my various Facebook, Linked In and Google + groups for me. All I need to do is go back to check responses.
  • Bulk scheduling:  She helps to collate my content bank, sort into various files and get them bulk scheduled
  • Content bank research: looking for new quotes by subject (i.e blogging, websites, motivation etc) and organising them into the content bank.

Depending on your level of expertise and time/budget you have available, you may decide to outsource the small jobs, outsource content creation or outsource as much as you can!

There are major benefits to outsourcing and it’s essential if you want your business to grow.

So, there you have it – four ways to simplify social media. Try them out you’ll be on the way to getting organised, saving time and feeling like a social media ninja!

I’d love to know how you get on with implementing these methods. Leave a comment below or come on over to Twitter or Facebook.

Prefer to outsource social media content creation & management? Check out my Social Media Services and see how I can help you save time, stress and reach your online marketing goals.

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