4 benefits using a virtual assistant can bring to your small business

benefits using a virtual assistant for your small business

benefits using a virtual assistant for your small businessAre you struggling to keep on top of your company website, social media, blogs, newsletters and the countless tasks required to achieve and maintain your online presence? You’d love someone to hand it all over to. You’re very own online marketing manager would be a godsend, but there’s no way your business could afford that – is there?

Well, you’ll be surprised to hear that maybe you can afford the help you need with online marketing. But how?  With the help of an experienced virtual assistant specialising in online marketing, that’s how!

Virtual Assistants don’t just offer the services of a virtual secretary or admin help. VAs offer a huge range of specialist services and are truly invaluable to anyone running a small business.

The 4 key benefits using a virtual assistant brings:

  1.  Virtual assistants are cost-effective
  2.  Virtual assistants are time-effective
  3.  Virtual assistants offer a flexible service
  4.  Experienced virtual assistants are highly professional

What do these benefits mean for your small business?

1. Cost-effective

Virtual assistants are usually individuals who are self-employed and work on a freelance basis from home. They only bill you for the hours /days worked or service package contracted for.  As your business doesn’t employ them you don’t have to pay for recruitment, sick days, maternity cover, pension contributions or any of the benefits a company must pay for it’s employees.

You’ll also save on other associated overheads such as office space, electricity, stationery supplies, IT etc. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

2. Time-effective

Let’s face it  – having a website and managing your online presence is pretty much vital to running a business these days.  Yet, whilst these tasks are essential they may take you away from concentrating on the core requirements of your business.

If you’re too busy editing and updating websites, checking Twitter or writing blogs then you won’t get time to close that sale, meet an important potential new customer and generate new business. Reclaim this valuable time by allocating these tasks to an experienced virtual assistant and sit back knowing these tasks are in safe hands.

3. Flexibility

You may need assistance but don’t have the budget or enough work to warrant taking on a more permanent member of staff. You may have ongoing needs ranging from only a few hours or days a week/month.  This is where a virtual assistant becomes invaluable. They can help you from as little as 2 hours a week but when you hit a busy time they can step up the hours. They can also manage one-off projects or assist you with completing them.

Many businesses recognise the great benefits of this flexibility and more are outsourcing work to virtual assistants and other freelance services. Due to technological advances many jobs and tasks can now be completed remotely via the Internet, email and the content management system of a clients website. You might be surprised by how much a virtual assistant can actually help you with.


4. Professional

Generally, virtual assistants have a solid professional background and already have a great deal of experience in their area of specialty. They have decided to leave the office so they can be their own boss and/or work around family life so that they can offer the benefit of their knowledge to small business owners like you!  This can really make a big difference to a small business owner with a limited budget and time available.  A VA can hit the ground running and take tasks straight out of your hands and off your ‘to do’ list.

Although VAs work remotely that doesn’t mean they will feel remote about your business. A demotivated employee might be present at work but waste half the day making tea, looking at Facebook and anything else they can find to aid procrastination. That doesn’t happen with a VA.  As a self-employed business owner, I lose money if I waste time at work, so where’s the incentive to do so?

I’ve worked for some of my regular clients for 3 or 4 years now and love helping them reach their goals and to keep their businesses moving forward.  Their success is also mine as it helps to build my own professional reputation and helps my business to thrive too!

 How to get started

So, all in all there’s a huge benefit to small business owners!  Check out a few websites and see which VA seems to ‘fit’ with your business. Ask them questions, see what their values are and dip your toe in the waters by starting off with a small amount of work. This will give you the chance to assess the quality of their work and the speed of their service.

Have you ever used a virtual assistant? How did you find it and would you recommend to other businesses? Are there any tips you would share for anyone looking for their own VA? 


Need a VA to help with your online marketing needs? Check out our range of packages – if you can’t see what you need, do get in touch and tell us your specific needs.


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